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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  September 29, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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what's being called a horrible accident. so how did it happen? >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. >> we begin at 5:00 with breaking news in south philadelphia. skyfox live over a crash involving a schoolbus at 15th and passyunk this happened just a short time ago. we're told three ambulances took children to the children's hospital of philadelphia. we do not know how many people are hurt or how bad their injuries are. no word yet on what caused that crash. we have a crew on the way to the scene and of course we will keep you up to date. >> this little girl scene here in better times remains in the hospital right now. police say seven year old was hit by a car the driver kept going. >> it happened just last night in philadelphia's mantua second. the hunt to find that driver has been on ever since. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney in tonight for lucy nolan. i'm iain page. let's straight out to fox 29' bruce gordon live in north philadelphia tonight outside the
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accident investigation division. bruce? >> reporter: guys, investigators say they do now have in custody the mitts about see suv that struck the little girl. but the driver of that vehicle is still at charge. little a lure rah mclane is at stable condition at children's hospital of philadelphia. so says her mother who has been through emotional ringer on this day including news of an apparent falls alarm regarding that driver. >> oh, my goodness. suspect surrendered. just now. >> what do you think? >> early afternoon tweet from philadelphia police was passed along to latoya do you do the mother of the seven year old girl lying broken in a hospital bed at being struck by a hit-and-run driver. do you do was overcome with emotion but police would later tell us no one is in custody. no arrests have been made. >> reporter: the little girl was struck by a green mitts bee see suv around 7:00 o'clock sunday night. when she ran into the street to retrieve a ball near her home at 42nd and penns grove.
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witnesses said one vehicle stopped to allow mclane to get her ball. but that the driver of this suv sped around that vehicle, struck the little girl and sped off. a witness snapped this photo giving police a vehicle description and pennsylvania license plate to work with. >> no one wants to look at that every day when they come outside. were don't remember seeing a child struck down in the street. >> reporter: a monday morning a concerned neighbor wash the blood off the street at the accident scene while mclane's grandfather vented his anger at the hit-and-run driver. >> the idea is senseless. i mean you don't have no -- no respect for life. >> reporter: mclane's mom says her daughter likes to dance and draw and write. latoya do you do says her daughter is getting better. >> she's very alert right now. even though she's like in and out of consciousness. she's very, very, very alert. >> reporter: latoya do you do tells us her daughter suffered broken foot, broken ankle, several bumps and bruises. a gash to her head. she says she will be all right.
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only when her daughter is completely all right. the driver of that suv has been described as a black also is mail in his late 40s, medium build with some facial hair an bit of gray in that facial hair. iain. >> bruce, thank you tragedy at the philadelphia zoo. skyfox over the scene. a worker was killed just before noon. the worker was found under a golf cart. the zoo says he was mechanic who worked on the golf carts used to get staff around the zoo. how the accident happened though is still under investigation. and the zoo still has not released the worker's name. >> he worked here since march of 2000 so he was a long-time employee. we really love him. he was wonderful employee. wonderful friend. wonderful colleague. >> the zoo says fellow staffers are devastated by the loss of their colleague and again the cause of the accident is still under investigation. happening now, parents in mercer county, new jersey, are demanding answers after a four year old boy dies from an unknown respiratory illness.
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hamilton township health officials say parents kept 40% of the students at yardville elementary school home today after the pre-schooler died suddenly last week. now we have since learned that the boy did have cold symptoms before his death but no underlying health issues. the cdc is testing to see if the boy died from the enterovirus d68 which has infected children in dozens of states. health officials say parents have to be more involved in taking care of their children's health. >> parents have to be due diligence in instructing their kids personal hygiene, and personal care. we have supplied to school with extra posters to put through school so the kids and teachers can be more aware of hand washing, covering your mouth and knows when you sneeze and cough. >> the hamilton township school district has since cleaned the classroom where the little boy was a student. fox 29's dave kinchen is live with more of the precautions and answers for parents coming up to at 6:00 o'clock.
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>> former philadelphia hero police officer no longer facing trafficking and sex crime charges. the diss track attorney' office announcing today there's not enough head to proceed to trial on those charges against richard decoatsworth. he was accused sexually assaulting would women at gun point last year and fors them to take drugs. prosecutors say he still facing domestic violence charges. decoatsworth was shot in the face while pursuing a suspect back in 2007. he left the force on disability in 2011. >> and to your fox 29 weather authority now. here's a live look from philadelphia international airport. it was certainly a beautiful weekend with temperatures that felt more like summer but we're already seeing some changes in the weather. chief meteorologist scott williams standing by with look at what's happening out there. scott. >> reporter: hi, dawn. right now mostly cloudy skies and a few sprinkles across our area. but this weekend certainly was beautiful. it was 86 degrees yesterday for the high. right now, it's only in the low 70s for the philadelphia area. the sun will set this evening at
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7:47. as we take a closer look right now at ultimate doppler rear dry in south jersey but north and west of philadelphia we're tracking a few light showers also moving toward the norristown area. chester, wilmington, moving into new castle county looking at some of that light activity. a lot of this is not really heavy but we are looking at a little disturbance moving through. you can see as we look at the cloud cover it's overspread -- over taken the area. you can see a few sprinkles with that disturbance. it will be moving through and eventually moving out. but as we look at the numbers it's 75 degrees right now in atlantic city. 74 in trenton and 70 in wilmington. coming up we'll talk about rainfall chances later this week as well as when to expect more fall like chill. iain and dawn, back to you. >> all right. thanks, scott. former philadelphia sports personality don tollefson drops a bombshell in court today. he's now admitting to pulling off a big fraud scheme. tollefson says he did in fact rip off hundreds of people and now he has to pay up.
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fox 29's brad was at the courthouse and joins you live in knauer newsroom with more. >> the big question how exactly is he going to pay up here? prosecutors gearing up for a long expensive trial to get started today but now that won't happen this morning dawn tollefson pleaded guilty. >> wanted to thank all of you for respecting my family's privacy. >> walking into a courtroom in doylestown the former sports personality had little to say about what was ahead. from the beginning, tollefson insisted he never intentionally ripped off anyone but then an about face. here leaving court after having just pleaded guilty to that fraud scheme. the prosecutors say involved duping more than 200 people taken for the least $317,000. the chief deputy da had been ready for trial with over 200 witnesses set to testify but now not needed. >> i think they're relieved but they're ready to completely exhale until he's sense tensed and i don't blame this. this is a very positive step
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along the journey we want to e end. >> anything to say to folks. >> tollefson was arrested back in february people began performing with claims he used his fame to sell them traffic packages to local sporting events like giving the proceeds to charities. instead he pocked the money. >> as part of his sobriety and continuing to stay clean, he wants to make amends for the wrongs he's done. >> reporter: how he'll bay it pack back his victims is still unclear a judge will sentence him in 60 days leaving court tollefson repeated what he said walking in. >> thank you again for respecting my privacy and trying to begin the healing process within 60 days. i appreciate it thank you very much. >> reporter: tollefson a former fox 29 employee could be sentenced to maximum of 37 years which state guidelines call for significantly less time than that. coming up to note at sick real have reaction from one of the key victims in this case. >> live in the newsroom, brad
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satin, fox 29 news. >> brad, thank you. on to developing story now the manhunt for a cop killer. search for the suspect in the deadly ambush of two pennsylvania state troopers has moved slightly to the southeast. but investigators say the focus of the search remains in the same general area as it was over the week and. they believe they have eric frein contained within a five square mile perimeter around his parent's home. frein is charged with killing corporal brian dixon and seriously wounding another trooper outside their barracks 18 days ago. >> now to the latest on the danger in the middle east. president barack obama admits that u.s. intelligence agencies underestimated the threat from isis militants in the mill east. meanwhile us led forces launched air strike overnight on isis controlled territory in northern and eastern syria. fox's doug mckelway is at the pentagon for us. >> reporter: the white house is defending comments made by the president that reveal u.s. intelligence agencies underestimated the threat of isis.
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>> i think the president was pretty clear both then as he was back in august, that nobody predicted the speed and pace with which isol would advance across the syrian border with iraq and make dramatic gains across the country side. >> an interview with cbs acknowledged that the us failed to appreciate the gains made by isis in syria during the last few years. both democrats and republicans are making it clear that the white house should consult more closely with congress and many republicans are pouncing on the president's recent remarks that place blame on bad intelligent for advance manies by isis. >> we warned him about this. we had it was happening. the intelligence community knew it was happening. >> reporter: lawmakers on a recess until notify mid term elections. john boehner plans to cause congress back earl physical the president puts forward a request for lawmakers to vote on strikes against the stream mist. us led forces continue to bomb several isis controlled oil fields and the administration wants to start working with
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iraqi and syrian forces to battle isis on the ground. >> the train and equipment program is something that will be implementing over the course of the next year or so. >> reporter: officials are not providing an exact timetable for the completion of the new military mission. instead, they are saying that the us will be in iraq and syria as long as it takes to ensure the region is no longer a safe haven for isis. >> at the pentagon, doug mckelway, fox news. >> a local mom steps out to walk her dog this week and but never makes it home. >> someone emerged from the darkness and shot and killed her. tonight, police are work to go to figure out if she was target, why and by whom. >> plus new guidelines for teenagers and birth control could stir up some controversy. what some doctors now say is a better option than condoms and birth control pills. >> and later a local woman gives birth in fast-moving car on i- i-95. hear from the 14 year old girl who stayed calm and helped her through it all. howard? >> it was not a good day for the eagles. eagles fans and with the loss
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there come many questions. chip kelly respond to the questions about the play calling at the end of the game and his quarterback. at the end of the game and his quarterback. that's coming up in sports.
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football fans like meat clearly, i am a football fan. up your game with the new ultimate meats pizza. a large for $12 dollars. add a mega chocolate chip cookie for just $5 dollars more. better ingredients. better pizza. better football. papa john's. ♪ >> new information now on that breaking news we are following in south philadelphia for you. skyfox is live over a crash involving a schoolbus at 15th and passyunk. it happened just short time ago. we have now learned that at least four kids have been taken to children's hospital of philadelphia with minor injuries. no word yet on what caused the
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crash. we of course will keep you updated. >> a fierce fire in montgomery county firefighters battling flames on the 700 block of east wind circle in upper doubling. you can see the flames just shooting from the roof and the windows. fire broke out around 3:00 o'clock this morning. fortunately no one was hurt. firefighters say it took about an hour to get those flames under control and the cause is still under investigation tonight. >> sky fox overused deadly fire in kensington today. firefighters were called to the 2700 block of helen street around 6:30 this morning. they found one man dead in the home but they have not yet identified him. firefighterfirefighters also had what may have sparked the fire. >> a developing story in strawberry mansion section of philadelphia. a woman is shot in the head and killed while walking along moore street. the question is was she targe targeted? philadelphia police are hunting for the shooter and an answer to that question. fox 29's thalia perez is live at philadelphia police headquarters with more. thalia? >> we spoke with police moments ago and they tell us that
5:16 pm
catherine berry was targeted by her killer n fact she was shot nine or 10 times in front of her 13 year old daughter who was uninjured. >> i did hear shots, and they sunned kind of loud. sounding like big guns. >> very niece william says moments after she heard gunfire, she heard sirens and then learned her neighbor, 42 year old catherine berry, was the shooting victim. she shows us where it happened on moore street. just steps from berry's home. >> it's an execution. we dope know what it's about. you can -- we do have some video. we do see her walking down the street and all of a sudden this mail appears and he goes right for her. he doesn't shoot at the daught daughter. >> police say it happened at about 8:30 saturday night on moore near north 33rd they're revealing surveillance cameras. her eldest son was too overwhelmed with grieve to speak
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it wuss on camera but he did describes his mom as a loving single mother who doted on all of her children including a set of fraternal twins. he tells us bury was headed home with his 13 year old sister and the family dog from this corner store when the killer opened fire. employees at vargus grocery is short wall from her home remember her coming in with her daughter. >> she bought a bag of chips, 2-liter soda sunkist and dollar worth of cheese. no signs. just normal like she come in all the time, shop and just go. >> reporter: so again police are revealing surveillance vid video. they're describing the suspect at this point as a black male heavy set in his early 50s with gray beard. if you have any information, call police. >> police need your help finding a woman missing from southwest philadelphia.
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69 year old janice everett was last seen thursday at her home on the 5900 block of windsor avenue. officials say she's in the early stages of dementia and needs her medicine. they say everett is known to hang around 40th and parish streets where she used to live. >> across pennsylvania and right here at home a call to raise the minimum wage. statewide coalition rallied in for vote pa raise today. this group gathered in center city before heading to the governor's office to protest calling for the hourly rate to increase to $10 and 10 cents a boost of three bucks an hour. they say a lot of businesses are taking care of themselves but not the employees. >> they're putting their money in the wrong place much the money needs to go in the worker's hands. that's who makes these employers money, the workers. >> right. >> when they think they're going to keep it all for themselves, that's where we got to change. >> the last minimum wage increased in pennsylvania was back in 2006 the current rate in the state is $7.25 an hour.
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>> philadelphia is getting some big money from washington to fight youth violence. officials announce dag that the city is receiving nearly a million dollars in grants for three separate programs. the programs aim to improve school safety, stem the school to prison pipeline and improve educational and job out comes for young people. >> treating the people where they are. efforts that say we actually meet people where they are and we help divert them out of the system. that's what this is all about. >> officials say the program about improving support for at risk youngsters and creating opportunities for them to succeed. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority now. temperatures are cooling off a little bit. some of you even seeing a little bit of rain right now. chief meteorologist scott williams is back. >> certainly a different scenario, iain, than the previous weekend. we saw a lot of sunshine, high temperatures were in the low even mid 80s. right now we're looking at cloud cover across the are a as well as a few sprinkles. no heavy rain and most of us are
5:20 pm
not even looking at it. as we look at ultimate doppler you can see we're dry in mt. laurel, cherry hill, hammonton looking good but as you move into sections of new castle county, around bare, moving toward delaware, also moving into the chester area right now in delaware county we're looking at some of those light showers. primarily north and west of the philadelphia area. it's a thin strip. a thin ribbon of that activity showing up. but look at the temperatures right now only in the low 70s in philadelphia. 72 in millville. 70 right now rain cooled in the wilmington area. so compared to this same time yesterday, we're almost 10 degrees cooler along the i-95 corridor because of those clouds. so if you're stepping outdoors, cloudy, a few sprinkles out there. coming up we'll have the timing of more rain this week as well as when to expect a fall like chill. dawn and iain. >> thank you scott. a new unsettling turn in the search for missing virginia college student. the cold case police say they just connected to their suspect. >> and things did not look good
5:21 pm
for a california man who crashed his atv and fell down a mine shaft but his luck took a turn for the better when rescue crews showed up. how they lived him to safety. >> plus a store looking to keep away vagrants may have found a solution that's working a little bit too he will. the high pitched sound making live hard for paying customers the high pitched sound making live hard for paying customers ason my journey across america,
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>> peru in a state of emergency after a deadly earthquake. 4.9 magnitude quake killed at least eight people and destroyed a handful of villages. hundreds of homes made of mud and stones collapsed. peru' president says the state of emergency will remain in effect for 90 days if not long longer. >> dozens of junk cars did nothing but add fuel to this fire outside a miami florida today. firefighters say a few explosions broke out possibly fueled from the car's gas tanks. the tight space also complicated efforts to put out the flames. no one was injured and there's no word yet on cause. >> we are learning more tonight about a man jailed in connection with the disappearance of a university of virginia student. we're learning that it could be linked to a another missing person's kay. police in richmond say they are investigating a forensic link between jesse matthew an 20 year old woman who disappeared about five years ago. matthew is charged in the disappearance of hannah graham.
5:25 pm
surveillance video near the university of virginia campus shows him with her the night that she disappeared. today, search crews and dogs searched ditches and the sides of roads in the area for any sign of the young lady. >> thousands of pro democracy advocates take to the streets of hong kong after a night of tear gas and violence as protests swell in the city. protests erupted in response to china's decision to only government approved candidates to run in the city's 2,017 election. the crowds blocked traffic and caused schools to close down. >> afghanistan has new president ending months of political tension. the new president was sworn in as the new afghan leader today. it is the first democratic transfer of power sin the us led coalition entered afghanistan in 2001. the new president vows to end corruption and is calling for the taliban and other militants to join political talk. >> firefighters in sacremento california pull off a daring rescue. >> they were called to help
5:26 pm
rescue a 70 year old man who washed this atv and then plunged into a mine shaft. here's a look at some of the photos of that rescue. investigators believe the driver hit a tree stump and ended up falling 30 feet into the half. rescuers used a special harnessing system to live the man out to safety. >> one strand of barb wire was holding it up. he was very happy to be out the hole. it was dark and cold down there. >> firefighters say bashed wire surrounds mineshafts like this so people don't fall in. it stopped the vehicle in this case but the man toppled in any way. firefighters say he has cuts and bruises but the good news is, he's going to be just fine. all right. attention chocolate lovers. you can still enjoy your favor are the snack without blowing your diet. >> why experts say unhealthy food could be a vital part of your weight loss plan and the search for two missing kids in maryland stretches into its third week. the mom is in custody but won't tell police where they are. the one piece of video police want to get their hands on.
5:27 pm
>> and could your facebook profile or your facebook friends one day affect your credit rating? why one expert says yes and what
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>> here's a live look at bush kill falls from our pocono mountain camera tonight. it felt a lot like summer over the weekend but things are start to go cool off again. and some of you are getting some
5:30 pm
rape. chief meteorologist scott williams will have all the details coming up in your fox 29 weather authority in just a moment. >> double shooting in broad daylight in west philadelphia is now under investigation. it happened in the 200 block of north avon dale street this morning. two men in their mid 20s were shot. one in the head. the other in the leg. one is in critical condition. the other is stable. so far there have been no arrests. >> a penn state truant driving university hotel van has died after crashing the vehicle near campus. police in penn state officials have not yet released the name of the male student who was killed yesterday afternoon. he was driving a shuttle for the penn stater one of two hotels owned and operated by the university. police say the driver missed an exit ramp for the hotel and tried to make the turn any way hitting a sign post and a concrete barrier. several by stanes tried to pull the driver from the van which caught fire after the crash. the student was taken to mount nittany medical center where he died. >> armed robber who held up the south philadelphia holiday inn remains on the loose tonight. this happened just before
5:31 pm
3:00 o'clock this morning on the 1,000 block of packer avenue. workers say a masked man walked into the hotel's lobby with a gun, demanded cash, and took off. police are hoping surveillance video will lead them to whoever is responsible. >> new jersey governor chris christie keeps his record of never having a veto over ridden that was in jeopardy over the state's financial reports much after heated debate, a majority of lawmakers sided with christie's vote tow of a bill that would require new jersey to issue reports on its debt obligations. lawmakers say when the veto message was first accept out it did not mention releasing such information could actually open the state up to litigation. >> happening now in maryland, the search for two missing children it's been three weeks since the two and three year old siblings went missing and there's still no sign of them but their family is not giving up hope. they will find them alive and neither are plenty of vol tears who are helping with the search. fox's jenn for davis has the story from montgomery county,
5:32 pm
maryland. >> reporter: these aren't police officers. just parents motivated to help a father search for his missing two year old son and three year old daughter. jacob and sarah, were last seen with their mother catherine hoggle aing is paranoid schizophrenic who's in custody but will not divulge the children's whereabouts. >> i'm a mom. i is a 16 year old, 19 year old and an eight year old and i was watching on the news that, you know, it's been almost three weeks and they found them yet, and eye as i come out my building i live in new community and i don't see any of the flyers up. and we have a lot of wooded areas where we live that, you know, i don't think that they've been over there to look. so going to put them up in my building. >> reporter: some have been part of the search evident for days. >> i keep coming out because it could be any of our kids. they're all of our kids. so somebody has to care enough to keep looking and that's going to make the difference that finds them. >> reporter: new volunteers continue to show up. >> i have a daughter, you know, i'm a father, too. so, you know, my heart goes to the little kids and ooh want to be here to help out.
5:33 pm
and, um, hopefully they'll come home safe. >> tray turner their father leaves this band of citizens hoping to supplement police efforts. >> over 60,000 acres so i think, you know, it's about time we quit looking for corpses and start looking for kids again. >> flyers foe on an apple to montgomery county business. >> to see if some of the businesses have camera videos -- camera footage that we can review it. >> they're interested in footage the night of sunday septembe september 11th and monday the eight weren't she was in the vehicle with the children. >> that's one of the biggest keys of filling in the timeline where she was with them that will help us figure out are she went to hand off or whatever happened. turner thinks his children' chi' appearance may have been changed but he does not doubt they're out there or they will be found alive. >> there was lot of talk if his blond afro at first. all that can be changed. smile can't be changed. sarah's can't be changed look at
5:34 pm
their facial features and just pay attention and be vigilant when you see them. my kids are still out there and were need to get them. >> ? merman town, jennifer davis fox news. >> new guideline for teens and birth control could stir up controversy. what doctors say a better option than condoms and a birth crow pills. a store look to go keep away vagrant may have sound a solution work well. making live harder for paying customers. >> police in delaware say you're not getting the message so tonight they're doing something a little different to catch people who text or talk while they drive behind the wheel. scott? >> iain right now parts of the area looking at some sprinkles and light showers but coming up the timing of more rainfall later this week as well as when to expect coo hey, i lost my debit card. do you guys do instant replacement? (snap!) what just happened? check your wallet.
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>> toxic gases and ash from a erupting volcano in japan forced rescue workers to call off the search for victims today. at least 36 people have been found dead near the volcano or buried under the ash.
5:38 pm
60 others are hurt. officials say the volcano erupted with at least 250 people taking a hike around it on saturday afternoon. they're still trying to determine how many people may still be missing. a suspect has been arrested in the disappearance avenue real estate agent in arkansas while massive search effort to find the missing woman goes on. volunteers are searching for beverly carter through 10 miles of brush farmland and neighborhoods and police are searching for evidence. the real estate agent went missing thursday while showing a home. >> almost like a movie. your biggest nightmare. i hope that there's a chance that she is able to come back. i know there will be. >> more than one hadn't dread volunteers are searching for beverly. >> the health of your teens specifically new recommendations for teen burning control tonig tonight. are bound to get people talking. american academy of pediatrics now recommends that teenagers use inter uterine devices or
5:39 pm
uid's and contraceptive implants as their first choice for birth control. the doctors say while most teens opt for condoms or birth control pills, iud's and implants are much more reliable for those who choose to have sex. this advice is in line with guidelines from other medical societies. planned parenthood however saysism ud's cost between 500 and $1,000. contraceptive implants range from 400 to $800. as for parental consent many states have different laws but family planning clinics that get federal money are required to provide confidential services to minors. >> here's some good news for those watching their weight li line. a survey shows that a little bit of indulgence helps in your weight loss efforts. weight watchers polled 75% of its members trying to lose weight then found that treating yourself to something sweat or even unhealthy treat once week helps keep the scale going down. half of response dents pack on the pounds when they tried to
5:40 pm
deprive themselves of those goodies while trying to lose weight. spokesperson says allowing yours to indulge is part of a healthy diet and lifestyle that is more effective. >> makes sense. there you go. birch once in awhile. could your fiss book profile or friends one day affect your credit rating. >> one expert believe it or not says yes and it could happen sooner than you think. and later a local woman gives birth to in fast moving car on i-95. hear from her 14 year old niece who stayed calm and helped her through it all. >> howard? >> the eagles were a yard and a half away from a win yesterday. it didn't happen but could the play calling at the end of the game have been better? hear pl[ male announcer ] tomcat bait kills up to 12 mice,
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>> sorry ladies it's official after a weekend wedding ceremony george clooney and a mal al mud din made it legal with a city ceremony in venice. followrd by dozens of security guards and hundreds of fans and photographers. she serves as a barrister specializing in international law. italian newspapers are calling it the wedding of the year. >> a 711 in california is using an unusual and high pitched way to fend off panhandlers.
5:45 pm
>> the problem is that sound is constant it was installed weeing a employees say off camera there are fewer vagrants around the store. customers however have mixed opinions about the piercing noise. >> how could these people work there with that squeaking all night? that would drive you nuts. >> it's a convenience store. i'm here to shot. in and out. that's what i'm here to do. >> the store says the noise may be temporary solution to its problem. there have already been several complaints from the restaurant next door. the sound is so loud it can be heard from across the street. >> this next story might make you want to dump or keep your facebook friends. those friends could soon affect your credit score. experts say that banks may request access -- access to client accounts to see whether users have a stable friends network not only would your spending predict your score, your friends, family and social profile could have an impact. >> it looks like those annoying
5:46 pm
atm fees are only getting higher. the average fee for using an out of network atm is apparently 5% over the new year to new high of get this $4.35. that's according to bank's most recent survey. over draft fees are also going sky high rise to go more than $30. if you want to avoid those 8tm fees, you should stake to your own bank or get cash back at stores. experts also say customers should set up banking notifications on their phones to alert them if their balances is dipping too low. >> in delaware, an expectant mom gives birth in a car along busy i-95. family was able to make it to rest stop for the little girl who just couldn't wait. here's fox 29's chris o'connell. >> we got in the car. she said that she felt the head coming. >> reporter: 14 year old kennedy smith has had quite the weekend. just hours after being nominated to the homecoming court at her high school saturday night, she
5:47 pm
was helping deliver her baby niece. >> i just feel like i had to be the one to keep calm. everyone else was going crazy. >> reporter: her mother kelly was behind the wheel of her lexus speeding up i-95 in middletown delaware. her pregnant sister kelsey in the passenger seat. they were just minutes away from christiana hospital. but baby wasn't waiting. carter zoe marcus came in the world 7:30 sunday morning going about 80 miles an hour on i-9 i. somewhere near newark, delaware. >> i'm proud of both my daughters. one delivered her own baby healthy and strong and one helped with the delivery so i'm just -- i'm proud of both of them. >> the family pulled into the delaware house rest stop where they called 911. and the calm and cool kennedy was instructed to use her shoe laces to tie off the umbilical cord. >> she took her shoe lace off and basically she delivered the baby. that's where new castle
5:48 pm
paramedics arrived to help. she was happy. she just telling the child she loved her. she's very happy. a little scared but i guess that would be normal. >> mom and baby were taken to the hospital and all are doing fine. even getting a visit from the paramedics later on who will also have a story to tell. >> my understand that picture will be a part of her baby book so when she's old enough they'll be explaining the circumstance of her arrival. >> reporter: as for ken dye this may have been good practi practice. go figure, she's already on her way to becoming a doctor. >> i'm in a program i'm training to be a physician and i know this gives me like a little more experience i guess. so i think i'd actually consider going into the medical field and delivering babies. >> chris o'connell, fox 29 news. >> wow! mom, baby and dad everyone is doing great tonight. great story. >> quite the story to tell. >> absolutely. >> beautiful little baby right there. we had beautiful weather, too. our first weekend of fall felt like summer. >> i thought of iain because i
5:49 pm
know he likes it that warm. >> it was nice. >> i'm sure you enjoyed it. >> i did. >> most people did. it was beautiful. we had sunshine saturday and sunday in the 80s. yesterday's high believe it or not was 86 degrees. today's high only 76 degrees. and right now we're looking at low 70s. humidity at 71%. the sun will set this evening at 6:47. we have some cloud cover around. we also have some light sprinkles. not everything that you see is making it to the ground right now. but around the drexel hill area, media, over to chester, claymont moving into new castle county we're looking at some of those light showers across the area. but take a look alt south jers jersey. we're dry. we're quiet. so it's just this thin little ribbon right now that we're watching for the light rain. the low this morning in philadelphia 64 degrees. the afternoon high we made it up to 76 degrees but that's above the normal this time of year which is only in the low 70s. look at those temperatures right now. you can see upper 60s rain cool in the wilmington area. 72 in millville as well as
5:50 pm
dover. low 70s in pottstown and 70 degrees right now in the pocono mountains. compared to this same time yesterday, we're 10 degrees cooler in philadelphia. 11 degrees cooler in wilmington. as well as trenton. so here the bottom line if you're stepping outdoors we'll keep the overcast conditions once again a few light showers some sprinkles north and west of philadelphia. otherwise quiet for the overnight. mid 60s by 11:00 o'clock tonig tonight. but as we move into this upcoming weekend, we'll be watching a push of some cooler air head toward our area so saturday and sunday we will likely stay in the upper 60s to right around 70 for highs. but right now, as we take look at the clouds, you can see they're hanging tough across the area and here's that little disturbance moving through sections of the mid atlantic to bring us those few sprinkles we have across the area. so overnight we'll keep some clouds around. for the day tomorrow, kind of similar to today. we'll keep cloud cover some
5:51 pm
sunshine peeking through from time to time and also a few spotty showers mainly tomorrow afternoon and also evening. as we move toward the middle of the week, we're watching mostly cloudy skies and once again a few passing showers. not anticipating heavy rainfall at any time really this week. but as we move toward friday, that will be our best chance for some rainfall later on this week friday night into early saturday but improving and cooler for the weekend. so for tonight, mostly cloudy, quiet overnight. light winds, 57 degrees in the suburbs. low 60s in the city. and then moving ahead to tomorrow, we'll call it mostly cloudy, spotty afternoon evening showers. 78 degrees will be the high temperature tomorrow. that weather authority seven day forecast showing you 74 for the high on wednesday. once again a passing shower. not anticipating heavy rainfall. the best chance for rainfall is going to be friday into saturday. with the front and you can see it will knock those temperatures down saturday's high only tent
5:52 pm
degrees and as we move into sunday, we'll probably see highs only in the mid 60s. so it's going to be little fall chill for the eagles coming up this weekend. >> and spiking of the eagles a lot of unhappy eagles fans tonight. >> there was a chill yesterday. (laughter). >> 80 degrees in santa clara, yes, it was not a good day for the eagles yesterday. against the 49ers and the game was in santa collar where the new stadium is. going for their fourth straight windway mazing the eagles actually had a 21-13 lead at the half. and with the offense scoring zero points. the eagles touchdowns came on a blocked punt, a punt return and interception. but nothing out of the offense. and then with two minutes left in the game it look like the eagles could score and win the game. to santa clara it looked that way. second down the run by lesean mccoy who had 17 yards yesterday and 10 carries. again not a good day. the offense shrine is make shift. but on third down, nick foles passes the ball. hit to be perfect pass but still
5:53 pm
they don't get in. fourth down, they try a pass again. somewhere along the way don't you run the football? can't you at least try it? yard and a half away from win. did chip kelly second guess himself today and did he think of trying to run chris polk to maybe pound it in? >> it had nothing to do with the back, you know, it had to go width are we going to get any mommy against that front. against iain and smith and, um, we weren't going a ton of push at the front of the pack. my thought on second down was we threw the first one it almost -- it was an exclusive throw oh and that drive. on the front down they dropped everybody into coverage and protect the end zone. i thought we could pop and get it down to the one i don't think we would be able to pound it in in situation. >> well, i would have ran. but that's me. all right. i thought the defense played their best game of the season yesterday. did so many things were right including the way they forced
5:54 pm
49ers colin kaepernick to look uneasy forced him into bad throws and one was that interception by malcolm jenkins which went for the touchdown. okay. no no game is perfect. >> it's tough but there's a lot of positives that come out of a game and the mistakes we made, you know, we'll get those mistake fixed and we'll be better next week for them. it's always, you hate to say thumbs it's easier to fix mistakes after a loss than after win. >> there's four or five plays on defense we'd love to have them back. one of them alters the game. penalty on third down. um, hands to the face. one losing leverage on run. they made some throws that, you know, just nfl throw and catch and nothing you can do about it. but the ones we gave up, i think stings the met because we see that that margin of error is so small that one penalty can change the out come of a game.
5:55 pm
>> you know there were some bad plays on defense the most part i think colin kaepernick is just an above average quarterback. i think he had his time. but the offense it's still hard to believe that they scored zero points on offense and i understand you have a make shift offensive line but if it was me and we can second guess this is what is great all about sports especially football we can second guess what he did and i thought he should have just tried to run the ball. maybe chris polk was bigger guy. exactly. >> so close. >> some people are thinking, should you have change the quarterback. chip kelly stalks about that at 6:00 o'clock g interesting. >> all right. >> thanks, howard. see you then. coming up at sick scared parents after a local pre-schooler passes away from a respiratory illness. what school officials are doing right now to calm fears. >> a former philadelphia sports personality pleading guilty to pulling off a big fraud scheme as he awaits his sentence what do today's big developments mean
5:56 pm
for his victims. fox 29 news starts right after this.
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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. >> tonight, calming fears and easing pain there have been some scary questions in the wake of a pre-schooler's death from an unknown respiratory illness in hamilton township.
6:00 pm
>> a lot of parents have been keeping their kids home from yardville elementary school ever since. tonight officials called a meeting to answer a lot of their questions. good evening, i'm iain page. >> good evening, i'm dawn timmeney in tonight for lucy nolan. that meetin meeting started a st time ago. dave kinchen is live in hamilton township tonight with the latest developments. dave, parents simply want answers and you can blame them. >> reporter: absolutely right. they want answers indeed. yardville elementary parents in the auditorium of the school meeting with school district officials and health officials from hamilton township. they say they want to know why school wasn't shut down altogether on friday after they learned that a four year old pre-schooler, a boy, died at home from an undetermined respiratory illness. now, nearly half of the students here were kept home from school today because of the fear. let's go video of a meeting you're watching now. health officials -- initial tests for the new came back negative meaning health officials say the boy did not